Heroes Convention, Charlotte NC

I was able to attend Heroes Convention in Charlotte, NC on Friday June 4, 2010.  Talk about an amazing event.  Heroes Con may be the best pure comic book convention in the country.  I was listening to the Comics Geek Speak podcast and heard an advertisement for it.  The family and I went to vacation […]

Comic Drawers

Here is a low cost option to the Comic Cubes, Comic Drawers. These are like your traditional cardboard comic boxes, but have a slide out drawer with built-in dividers. Looks like the closest place that stocks these is:

Fantasy Books 1113 E. Main Ave. Belleville, IL 62220 618.235.0844

They cost about $10 each, which isn’t […]

Free Comic Book Day

Don’t forget that Saturday May 1st, 2010 is Free Comic Book Day.  According to the store locator, Castle Perilous in Carbondale, IL is participating.  I plan on swinging by there and also Campus Comics (aka World’s Finest Comics).  If I get motivated, I may also drive to Cape Girardeau, MO to the Cape Comic Con.  […]

Ender’s Game: Battle School TPB

I purchased Ender’s Game: Battle School TPB at the Metropolis Comic Convention. It is outstanding. I read the novel by Orson Scott Card and really enjoyed it as well, so I hope that hasn’t biased towards the graphic novel to much. I also enjoyed Card’s run on Ultimate Iron Man as well. If you are […]

Comic Cubes

These look really cool.  Comic Cubes are designed to be a nice way to organize your comics.  I may have to add some of these to my Christmas/birthday/want list.

Image © Comic Cubes

Comic Book Podcast – Comic Geek Speak

For those of you who are podcast listeners, here is a pretty good podcast about comics.  Comic Geek Speak covers a wide range of comics from Marvel to DC to independents.  From time to time they will digress into discussions about Lost, board games, etc., but the podcast is very entertaining overall.  There is some […]

Cool Con Story

I attended the Metropolis Comic Convention on March 6th & 7th, 2010.  I had a great time, though there were not as many people who attended as I would have liked to have seen.  I will mention an artist, Terry Huddleston, extremely cool and very funny guy.  During some of the con’s slow points, which […]