Heroes Convention, Charlotte NC

I was able to attend Heroes Convention in Charlotte, NC on Friday June 4, 2010.  Talk about an amazing event.  Heroes Con may be the best pure comic book convention in the country.  I was listening to the Comics Geek Speak podcast and heard an advertisement for it.  The family and I went to vacation this year to Tybee Island, GA.  Since Charlotte, NC was not a huge amount out of the way, I decided to come back through and check it out.  I was really blown away.  I only allowed myself about five hours of time at the con and it was nowhere near enough time.  There were over 300 artists there signing autographs and selling sketches and prints.  Some of the big names in attendance included Mike Mignola of Hellboy fame and Michael Golden, who I remember best from the Micronauts.  Also in attendance was Kid Domino.  He is an artist from Indianapolis, IN.  I have one of his prints of Captain America on my office wall.  I am definitely going to consider a return to Heroes Con in the future.

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