November 2019 Preview Catalog

Here are my recommendations and comments for the November 2019 Preview Catalog, for #comics generally shipping in January of 2020. Each month, the #campuscomicscast goes through the catalog and makes suggestions on where you should spend your money. It would be great if you would subscribe to the podcast on your favorite podcast app. Just search for Campus Comics Cast.

I would love to hear about any book I missed. Pay special attention this month as @arseniclullaby has one of his books in the catalog this month.



2 – Wonder Woman hits issue 750 with an over-sized special issue.
3 – In time for the upcoming movie, a Black Label Birds of Prey story with a variant cover by J Scott Campbell.
4 – James Tynion IV takes over on Batman with issue 86.
6 – New Hill House title Daphne Byrne with art by Kelley Jones.
26 – Final issue of the Freedom Fighters 12 issue series. Look for the trade soon.
37 – Legion of Super-Heroes hit the shelves recently, so be sure to check it out.
71 – A few good DC Dollar Comics to choose from including Batman Adventures 12, first Harley Quinn, and Brave and the Bold 197 which gave us the wedding of Earth-2 Batman and Catwoman.
77 – Green Arrow Year One Deluxe Edition gave a lot of the story lines for the Arrow TV Series.
80 – Legion of Super-Heroes: The Road to Legion trade paperback. Bendis is bringing the Legion back to the DC Universe. Just don’t expect much LOSH in this story.
83 – Superman: The Man of Steel Omnibus by John Byrne. Includes my favorite origin for Superman, the 6-issue series by John Byrne among several other stories.



NOTE: According to the Marvel Catalog, several of the titles and variants did NOT make it onto the Previews order form. So be sure to check the catalog for what you need. Diamond and Previews should be contacting your local LCS with regular reminders.
4 – Thor gets a new first issue with writing duty by Donny Cates. I find Cates to be a bit silly sometimes. As much as they are ruining Thor in the MCU, I hope they do not continue this trend in the comics. The Aaron run on Thor was very strong, at least until close to the end.
8 – Al Ewing takes on the writing duties for Guardians of the Galaxy which also gets a new #1. Can Ewing bring his Immortal Hulk magic to this book?
13 – Iron Man 2020 gets a 6-issue series from Dan Slott and Christos Gage which crosses over into a few other titles, including a CLASSIFIED title in May and June of 2020.
17 & 18 – some really good True Believers dollar comics from Marvel including the Daredevil 131, first Bullseye, Moon Knight 1, and Daredevil 4, first Purple Man.
28 – Marvels X, a new 6 issue series in the Earth X universe from Alex Ross and Jim Kueger.
40 – Incredible Hulk 180 gets a Facsimile edition, and Marvel labels it as the first appearance of Wolverine. Will this affect the value of 181?
54 – Hawkeye gets a new four-issue series titled Freefall where the he goes up against Ronin.
57 – Immortal Hulk. If you are not reading this book, and you like marvel comics, you should be.
58 – Immortal Hulk: Great Power One-shot. Someone besides Al Ewing tries their hand at the Immortal Hulk, and it appears the Immortal Hulk powers up Spiderman.
62 – In case you missed it, Mark Waid is back on Dr. Strange.
64 – Garth Ennis has returned to the Punisher with a 6-issue series Punisher Soviet, with issue 3 solicited this month.
73 – Valkyrie: Jane Foster made it passed issue 7. I am really surprised.
101 – Marvel scales back their Star Wars titles and starts the main series with a new first issue. It feels like they should be revving up the Star Wars books with the final part of the first trilogy of trilogies hitting theaters in December.
119 – Immortal Hulk hardcover volume 2 covering issues 11 to 20 will hit the shelves in May of 2020. This is a series worth having on your bookshelf at home.
120 – Mark Waid’s History of the Marvel Universe trade is being solicited with a cover available for the direct market only.
147 – 149 – Several Black Widow trades are available, just in time for the movie.



30 – Be sure to get your copy of Previews to check out all the books I don’t mention.
44 – The Clock, a 4-issue series from Matt Hawkins and Colleen Doran. I am not sure how well a medical mystery story will translate to comics, but Doran is an excellent artist, and this could be one of those stories that gets picked up for a TV series or movie.
?? – No Die this month from Image???
120 – Sonic the Hedgehog 25. I gave out comics at my home for Halloween again this year. Trick or Treaters could choose from Sonic, Pokemon, Miles Morales, Year of the Villain, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Sonic was the only title I ran out of. If you are an LCS and not carrying this title, you should be.
192 – Boom has a new Serenity Series, Firefly: The Outlaw Ma Reynolds, a 4-issue series written by Greg Pak.
250 – Doglas Paszkiewicz has his most recent graphic novel solicited here. Be sure and check it out. You can follow Douglas here on Steemitat @arseniclullaby!!
277 – Whisper Omnibus from writer Steven Grant. If you would like to learn more about Steven Grant, check out the Campus Comics Cast podcast interview with Mr. Grant back in episode 12.
302 – Bowie: Stardust, Rayguns & Moonage Daydreams hardcover for all the David Bowie fans out there.
342 – Dr. Who the Thirteenth Doctor: Season Two begins with the Weeping Angels.
417 – Captain America Worthy T-Shirt. Cap wielding Mjolnir!!!



Nothing jumping out at me on Side Two this month.



Blank Cover this month include:
Guardians of the Galaxy 1
Red Sonja: Age of Chaos 1
Thor 1
Wonder Woman 750
Dr. Who 13th Doctor: Season Two 1
Red Agent: Island of Dr. Moreau
Quantum and Wood 1
Star Wars 1
Horror Comics Sketch book, available in white, black, and red.

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