Punisher Season Two Review [SPOILERS]

I feel it appropriate to mention that the Punisher is one of my favorite #comics characters, so feel free to take this review as a bit biased. I really enjoyed season one of this series, and felt that the casting was outstanding. Jon Bernthal has pretty much taken ownership of this character, and moving […]

January 2019 Previews Catalog Recommendations

Here are my recommendations from the January 2019 Previews Catalogs for #comics and other items generally shipping in March of 2019. As always, if there are #comics you think I should be recommending, let me know in the comments. If you are a podcast listener, check out the podcast Campus Comics Cast where we discuss […]

Aquaman Movie Review: What a Disappointment

I was unfortunate enough to have seen Aquaman on December 15, 2018 as part of the Amazon Prime/Atom Tickets promotion. I was excited enough about the film and the promotion that I invited nine others to attend the showing with me. The show was so bad, when all was said and done, I apologized […]

December 2019 Previews Catalog Recommendations

Here are my #comics recommendations for the December 2019 issue of Previews Catalog. For certain, if you have not already started working with a local #comics shop to pre-order books, and you want to still have a local #comics shop in a few years, you should start a pull-list immediately. ‘Nuff Said.’ If you are […]

Steven Grant Interview – Campus Comics Cast Episode 012

On April 22, 2018, I had the opportunity to interview #comics writer Steven Grant. Mr. Grant has extensive writing credits at Marvel, DC, and many independent publishers. He is best known (at least to me) as the writer on the first Punisher limited series with art by Mike Zeck. Mr. Grant also created the […]

Campus Comics Cast

We will no longer be posting direct links to the podcast here. Please subscribe to your favorite Podcast App. Thanks for listening!!!!

Listen along to the crew at Campus Comics through a marvelous team-up (see what I did there!) with Burg Comics to get recommendations on what to spend your hard-earned […]

Burg Comics Con 2017 VIP Packages

Are you interested in getting into Burg Comics Con 2017 an hour early to get first shot at the free comics, vendors, and on our featured artist’s sketch lists? You should purchase a VIP package. For $25, you will get:

9:00 AM entry into Burg Comics Con 2017 Burg Comics Con 2017 Print One […]

Burg Comics Con 2017 Gaming

Tentative Gaming Schedule:

Magic: The Gathering – TBA

10 – 12 Betrayal At The House On The Hill 10 – 12 Coldwater Crown 10 – 12 Settlers of Catan 10 – 12 Munchkin Apocalypse 10 – 12 Splendor 12 – 2 Smallworld 12 – 2 Illuminati 12 – 2 Evolution 12 – 2 […]

Burg Comics Con 2017 Charity

Charity Fundraiser

At Burg Comics Con 2017 we will once again be raising money for the Saline County 4Cs (Christian Community Compassion Center). Everyone who brings in a non-perishable food item or toiletry donation will receive 10 free comics. We will also be holding a silent auction to raise money for the 4Cs as […]

Burg Comics Con 2017 Cosplay

Cosplay Guests

The costume contest is returning to Burg Comics Con 2017. Categories for the costume contest will be Children (Ages 0 to 13) and Adult. Costume Contest Rules:

Any prop, item or activity that presents the possibility of damage to the entrants, their costumes, the audience, or the facility is prohibited. Good taste […]