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The 10th annual Burg Comics Con will take place on Saturday August 31, 2019 from 10 AM to 5 PM at the Bonan Business Center in Harrisburg, IL. Please start passing the word along to your friends and encourage them to become a fan of our page on Facebook to keep up with the latest news. Admission to the convention is FREE, but we are requesting a charitable donation to the Saline County 4Cs. As additional details become available, they will be posted here and on the Burg Comics Facebook page.









Punisher Season Two Review [SPOILERS]


I feel it appropriate to mention that the Punisher is one of my favorite #comics characters, so feel free to take this review as a bit biased. I really enjoyed season one of this series, and felt that the casting was outstanding. Jon Bernthal has pretty much taken ownership of this character, and moving forward it will be hard for any actor or studio to replace him, much in the same way Chris Evans is Captain America for me. The Punisher is a character whose mindset has been portrayed in multiple ways in #comics. For me, I prefer it when the Punisher is portrayed as a perfectly sane individual who has a made a choice. I feel the Netflix series portrays him this way. One thing I find a bit humorous about the Netflix Punisher series, is how it seems the Punisher has a busted face for 80% of the season. In all the other Netflix series, the main actor takes multiple punches to the face, and they are back to normal by the end of the episode. I had managed to avoid any previews or spoilers for season two, so everything was a potential surprise for me. So, going into the season, I only had a few questions:

  • Would Russo reappear and be called Jigsaw?
  • Will this be the last good Netflix/Marvel series?
  • How long after the premier will it take for Netflix to announce the series cancellation? (My guess is by 2/18/2019)

This will not be an episode recap. Other sources, such as IMDB can do a much better job of that than I can, so check if that is what you are looking for.


I have taken to watching the recap for each of the series and trying to make some predictions about what would happen based on what they are showing us. I only wrote down three notes based on the recap which were:

  • Billy Russo (Ben Barnes) will be back as Jigsaw
  • Agent Madani (Amber Rose Revah) would return
  • Punisher would again team-up with Micro-chip. (I really missed that one, and I did think season 2 suffered not having him around.)


It is surprising what thoughts go through your mind when you read the episode titles. I could not help but think of Patrick Swayze in Roadhouse based on this episode title. And really, the barroom fight lived up to the title. No time was wasted putting Castle back into action and onto his next mission. Frank meets the bartender, Beth (Alexa Davalos). I knew I should have recognized this actress, but I could not place her during the first couple of episodes. I finally had to go online and learn she was the main character in Amazon’s Man From High Castle. I am a bit embarrassed I could not place her just from watching the series. Russo awakens at the end of the episode, so we know where this will be heading.



The start of this episode establishes what has been going on with Madani as Russo has been in a coma between seasons. Russo is referred to as Jigsaw, so that is a nice homage back to the comics. Apparently, Russo does not remember the events that lead up to his hospitalization. We get to the fight that leads to the first scene in episode one. Frank saves a young girl from a team of kidnappers. In the fight, Beth is injured. Beth is dropped at a hospital. Frank reaches out to Madani for help, but she wants nothing to do with him. We also learn the “hitman” John Pilgrim (Josh Stewart) has a religious background.


We learn more about John Pilgrim’s current religious history at the start of episode three. We are also introduced to Anderson Shultz (Corbin Bernsen) who is the man behind John Pilgrim. We learn in this episode, that Frank with a broken shooting hand is a better shot than most with both hands. Frank pretty much single-handedly saves a police station from an all-out assault. Madani does show up at the end of the episode to help Frank and bring him back to New York. It was not clear to me at this point why the girl, Amy Bendix (Giorgia Whigham) is wanted by the religious group. My first thought was she must have escaped from them, and they wanted her back. It turns out, she was part of a group delivering some “embarrassing” photos the Shultz’s son, and the rest of her group was killed.


We do get to see Russo’s face in this episode. Quite honestly, the scarring was not as bad as I expected it to be. Very mild compared to the comic character, but I can imagine Russo, who it was mentioned in season one never had his face damaged, it could seem catastrophic. Not a lot of progress in this episode, and some episodes did feel to drag on a bit. Russo does leave the hospital with the psychiatrist Krista Dumont (Floriana Lima) as a hostage. He releases her and violently takes care of an early childhood trauma. After which, he returns to the psychiatrist. It can be argued that Krista is the real villain of season two, manipulating Russo, Madani, and indirectly Castle.

At this point, we have not seen Beth since episode two. I decide at this point, she would either be used as bait for Castle later in the season, or he would return to her at the end of the series to give us a “happy” ending. I was again, completely wrong. The writers of the season at least did not go for some of the obvious plotlines.


It was nice to learn the trick behind One-Eyed jacks. I also enjoyed Turk (Rob Morgan) making an appearance. It was good to see characters like Turk, Officer Mahoney (Royce Johnson), and Curtis (Jason R. Moore) making return appearances to the series. We learn that John Pilgrim’s wife is very ill. Pilgrim “beats himself” as “punishment”. I kind of find this religious person whipping themselves a bit stale, and was even done in another recent Netflix series Castlevania. Regardless, Pilgrim is sent on a mission to New York to track down the girl.


At this point, I realized we had not yet seen Microchip, and we do not see him anywhere in season two. Too bad. During this episode I did start to wonder how they would pull all the plotlines together.


We do get some backstory about what happened to Agent Madani after she was shot at the end of season one. Castle, Madani, and Curtis agree to take out Russo. Russo has gathered together a group of dissatisfied vets and using his past training experience to start performing “bank jobs.” Frank does mention his time with Beth, so I again thought she would show back up at some point, but again, I was wrong.


Russo and Frank have their first confrontation. Russo has forgotten what he did to Frank and his family and is surprised when Frank tries to kill him. Now, Russo feels justified in going after Frank, since Frank has turned on a brother. In this episode we do see Frank become a bit unhinged. He gets borderline violent with Amy, and I personally did not care for this portrayal of the character. They do take steps to rectify in the following episodes. Frank visits his wife’s grave, and then puts Frank back on track.


Amy does stand up for Frank in this episode and Frank does appear to be back on track and back on mission.


Madani has begun speaking with the psychiatrist Krista. She lets out a way for Russo to beat Frank. Frank attacks Russo’s base of operations. It is pretty ridiculous how much abuse Frank takes during the attack and is still up moving around. During the attack, Frank fires at an escaping Russo. When Frank enters the room, he finds three dead women whom he believes he has killed. Frank allows himself to be captured by the police.


Frank is in the hospital. It should be noted at this point there is a five million dollar bounty out for Castle, and even police officers are trying to cash in. Karen Page (Deborah Ann Woll) makes her appearance and begins investigating the details around the death of the three women from episode ten. It is pretty obvious that Frank did not fire the bullets that killed them, so Karen’s job in the story is to clear Frank with Madani and Mahoney. We also get the background about Krista’s fear of heights, why she became a psychiatrist. Again, she kind of is the villain of the series. Castle escapes from the hospital with the help of Madani and Page, but is captured by Mahoney outside.


Frank and Mahoney are attacked by John Pilgrim enroute to the police station. Castle manages to escape Mahoney’s custody after pulling him from a crashed and burning ambulance. Madani makes the connection between Russo and Krista. Madani confronts Krista in her apartment. I find it a bit of a stretch that a trained DHS agent who is as tough as Madani has been portrayed in the two seasons of the Punisher had so much trouble fighting Krista. Madani ends up, not surprisingly, throwing Krista out of a window. Russo finds Krista on the sidewalk and heads upstairs to confront Madani.


So Madani goes toe-to-toe with Russo. In the last episode she barely beat Krista, but is tough enough to hodl her own against Russo. A little bit inconsistent in the story-telling. Russo does end up shot and passes out before being able to finish off Madani. We next see Russo with his money at an underground surgeon to get some bullets removed. Russo passes out from the pain and finds himself without money in a dumpster. In one of the previous episodes, Frank has tied what is going on with Amy to the Shultz family, including Senator David Schultz (Todd Alan Crain). Senator Schultz is the son of Anderson and Eliza Schultz (Annette O’Toole). He apparently knows nothing about what is going on with the photos and his family. Curtis takes Senator Schultz to Mahoney . Frank finally has the big fight with Pilgrim. Frank frees Amy and we are left wondering if Frank killed Pilgrim or not. We learn that Krista survived the fall from the window when Madani confronts her in the hospital. Curtis received a call from a dying Russo asking him to come be with him. Frank shows up to Russo’s location, and after a few words, Frank shoots and kills Russo. This scene really did surprise me. I was expecting some long death soliloquy or some type of forgiveness given by Russo or Castle, but no, the incident concluded very rapidly. Amy walks into the Schultz home and informs the Schultz about what has happened. When Eliza Schultz attempts to stab Amy, Castle puts a bullet in her head. He then leaves Anderson Schultz with a gun and one bullet and gives him the option to live with what he has done or use the bullet on himself. Schultz chooses the latter. We also learn that Pilgrim survived his encounter with Frank, and with Frank’s help has freed his sons from the Schultz’. The episode and series wraps up with Frank three months later refusing a job offer from Madani who is now with the CIA. The series ends with Frank entering a warehouse and dispensing with a couple of gangs.


As was the case for season one, a solid cast with great acting. The lot for season two was not as intense as season one, and I felt there were more down points than in season one. I really felt like the who John Pilgrim storyline was unneeded. Also, Corbin Bernsen and Annette O’Toole were seriously underused for actors of their caliber. I also feel the writers had a choice for the final three months later scene where the could either have Frank retire with Beth for a happy life, or do what they did which was Frank continuing his mission. Since this is likely the last of Bernthal as the Punisher, I think I would have preferred the happy ending this time.


Very Fine – (7.5)
The Punisher still is Netflix’s second best Marvel series behind Daredevil. This series is in spot #5 for me in the list.

Daredevil season 2
Punisher season 1
Daredevil season 3
Daredevil season 1
Punisher season 2
Cage season 2
Jessica Jones season 1 (only because of David Tennant)
Cage season 1
Jessica Jones season 2
Defenders season 1
Iron Fist season 2
Iron Fist season 1


The #campuscomicscast will be discussing Punisher season two in an upcoming episode, so be sure to subscribe on your favorite podcast app so you do not miss it.

You can also find @burgcomics online at https://www.burgcomics.com and on eBay at https://stores.eby.com/burgcomics. If you happen to be browsing through the eBay store and see something you like, let me know. I might be able to arrange for a lower price through a direct contact. Additionally, I can also accept BitCoin or Steem for purchases outside of eBay.

January 2019 Previews Catalog Recommendations

Here are my recommendations from the January 2019 Previews Catalogs for #comics and other items generally shipping in March of 2019. As always, if there are #comics you think I should be recommending, let me know in the comments. If you are a podcast listener, check out the podcast Campus Comics Cast where we discuss Previews each month.

3 – Batman: Damned #3. The final issue of the initially controversial series is solicited for a 3/27/2019 release. I personally was not too fond of issue #1, but the completist will want to be sure they get the final issue.
4 – Detective Comics #1000. Detective joins Action with its 1000th issue. Lots of variant covers and apparently multiple stories in this issue. Looks like we will have at least 11 different covers for this issue. I actually prefer these covers to the Action 1000 decade covers.
8 – Dial H for Hero #1. The last of the initially advertised Wonder Comics imprint makes its debut.
10 – Deathstroke #41. This issue is being advertised as a prelude to the upcoming Teen Titans/Deathstroke crossover event, “The Terminus Agenda.”
11 – Teen Titans #28. Part one of the previously mentioned “the Terminus Agenda” crossover with Deathstroke. No information on how long or how many issues the crossover will last. Previously, these crossovers from DC were spanning one month with an alpha and omega issue.
12 – Second Coming #1. Not sure what to think of this book. Marketed from the Vertigo imprint and for Mature Readers, this book teams up Jesus the Christ with a Superman analog , Sun-Man. I hope they use this for a valid moral tale.
18 – Batman #66-67. Batman is still probably the best book from DC each month.
24 – Doomsday Clock #10. I am a couple of issues behind on my reading, but this has been a really good book. I am excited to see the conclusion in a few months.
31 – Green Arrow #50. The final issue of this Green Arrow run ties into Heroes in Crisis.
38 – Justice League #19-20. Mr. Mxyzptlk takes on the Justice League with Scott Snyder on writing duty. In issue 20, the Justice League battle future versions of themselves in the 6th Dimension.
71 – The Kamandi Challenge TPB. I was a little disappointed in this series, but if you would like to see 14 different writers and artists take on the Jack Kirby creation, here is your chance to pick it up in softcover. And the “King” himself makes an appearance as well.
72 – Kingdom Come TPB. If you have not read this story about the “future” of the DC Comics, pick up this new printing of the trade by Mark Waid.

10 – Age of Conan: Belit. It looks like Marvel is going to milk the Conan license for every penny they can. This is the 3rd title for the Conan universe in as many months. I have not read a lot of Conan, but apparently Belit was from the original run of the series.
16 – Avengers: No Road Home #6-7. “It had to happen! Conan collides with the Marvel Universe.” Actually, no it didn’t, but Marvel does it any way. We get the Scarlet Witch in the Age of Conan. Again, lets bleed the license for all we can.
19 – Marvel Tales: Thor #1. $8 for 3 books that should be printed as $1 True Believers. I will be passing, but if you want to own the first appearance of Loki, Valkyrie, and Beta Ray Bill in one comic, here is your chance.
21 – Spider-Man: Life Story #1. From Chip Zdarsky and Mark Bagley, a 6 issue “high-end” limited series telling the
complete history of Spider-Man from beginning to end, set against key events of the past 57 years.
36 – Captain America #9. Cap’s my favorite character, so I will probably plug this book every time. I am a few issues behind, but looking forward to catching up.
42 – Incredible Hulk #181 Facsimile Edition. I am not a fan of these exact reprints of older books, especially books with the price point this original issue has. I hope Marvel puts something on the cover AND on each page to make it clear this is not the original issue.
44 – Tony Stark: Iron Man #10. The year 2020 approaches. Anyone who remember the limited series Machine Man 2020 and one annual of Amazing Spiderman should know what that means for Iron Man.
46 – Marvels Annotated #2. I cannot remember if I mentioned this last month, but this reprinting of the Kurt Busiek story for its 25th anniversary is something to check out if you have not read it already.
50 – Spider-Man: Far From Home Prelude #1. So, it looks like Marvel is advertising an adaptation of Spider-Man Homecoming as a prelude to the 2019 film, Spider-Man: Far From Home. If that is true, you should definitely skip this book.
104 – Silver Surfer: Parable 30th Anniversary Edition HC. $30 seems a bit high for reprinting a 2 issue limited series, but I have fond memories of this story, as there was not a lot of Silver Surfer out there when this was originally published.

Previews Side One
So, it looks like the apparel on Side One last month was not a mistake.
28 – Previews Catalog. Pick up your copy so you can play along at home.
33 – Free Comic Book Day Comics. We get our first look at some of the free comics for FCBD 2019. Marvel and DC are tight-lipped about what their books will be, but it looks like we are getting a reprint of Spawn #1 from Image for the upcoming movie.
54 – Little Bird #1. A new 5 issue limited series from Image. There is a multi-page preview of this story in the book, and the art looks pretty solid. I will definitely be giving this one a shot.
70 – Infinite Dark TPB. I did read the first issue of this series recently. It is basically a murder mystery in space among the last few thousand surviving human beings.
73 – SCUD: The Disposable Assassin: The Whole Shebang! TPB. Some people have fond memories of this older indie title. Here you can get all 25 issues in one book at a very reasonable price of $35.
98 – Spawn # 295. It appears that this issue will be the kick-off to the story line that will wrap-up in issue #300 of the series.
115 – William Gibson’s Alien 3 #5. The final issue of the unused screenplay by cyberpunk author William Gibson.
116 – Mystery Science Theater 3000 #6. The Campus Comics Cast #campuscomicscast recently reviewed issue 1 of this series in our podcast episode 35. It was very good, so if you are a fan of the TV series, you should be picking this up.
178 – Superman: The Golden Age Newspaper Dailies: 1947-1949. I want to mention this book, as I had the privilege of interviewing cover art Pete Poplaski for the Campus Comics Cast #campuscomics cast. If you are interested in hearing the interview, search for Campus Comics Cast in your favorite podcast app and go to episode 26.
183 – Munchkin Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Deluxe. Fans of the Steve Jackson Games Munchkin line may want to pick up this version featuring TMNT.
205 – Pathfinder: Worldscape Kickstarter Exclusives. So, if they are available in Previews, are they really Kickstarter exclusives?
214 – Firefly: Bad Company #1. Probably a one-shot, features the origin of Saffron.
215 – Firefly Volume 1. The recent Boom! series collected in hardcover.
216 – Ronin Island #1. A 5 issue limited series about an alternate history for 19th century Japan, Korea, and China.
369 – Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor TPB. First TPB for the first female Doctor.
432 – Detective Comics T-Shirts. A couple of nice Detective Comics T-shirts, one with the original Detective #27 Batman image and another with the cover from one of the issue 1000 variants.

Side Two
115 – Overwatch: Comic & Backpack Hanger Bundle. Physical copies of the previously digital stories along with backpack hangers for character McCree, Reinhart, and Torbjorn

Blank Covers
Batman Who Laughs: the Grim Knight #1
Detective Comics #1000
Lenore Volume II #12
Life & Death of Toyo Harado #1
Gretek #1
Pink Panther #1
Street Fighter Menat #1
I will try update the blank covers at a later date if I learn of any more.

Aquaman Movie Review: What a Disappointment

I was unfortunate enough to have seen Aquaman on December 15, 2018 as part of the Amazon Prime/Atom Tickets promotion. I was excited enough about the film and the promotion that I invited nine others to attend the showing with me. The show was so bad, when all was said and done, I apologized for having invited them.

The first thing I want to address is the whole DC versus Marvel movies comments I have received already over not liking this film. Typically, it takes the form of “You are just a Marvel fanboy and hate anything that DC does.” For the record, this is 100% untrue. I would like to see ALL of the superhero comic-based movies succeed whether they be Marvel, DC, or Independent. While Captain America: Winter Soldier is definitely my favorite of the superhero films, I thoroughly enjoyed Man of Steel, Batman V. Superman, and Wonder Woman on the DC side of things. OK, enough about the other movies, let’s get on to the Aquaman movie review.

The biggest issue with Aquaman was the choice of Jason Momoa to play the role. I have not seen Momoa “act” in anything besides Game of Thrones and his two shots at Aquaman. Momoa is apparently an actor like Chris Pratt who basically plays the same character in whatever role he takes on. Aquaman is supposed to be a king, who knows he is a king, and instead, we end up with “surfer dude” Aquaman or as I like to refer to him as “Point Break” Aquaman. After watching Aquaman, I think I would have preferred they had cast Patrick Wilson who played King Orm as Aquaman instead of Momoa.

The story for Aquaman was also poorly executed. The basic points to Aquaman’s origin are present, but only take up a small portion of the movie. The plot for Aquaman is basically an abbreviated version of National Treasure meets Thor: Ragnarok. After battling King Orm in a gladiator arena (ala Thor: Ragnarok), Aquaman is finally convinced and goes on a quest to find a long-lost trident that few people believe actually exists. After a couple of clues leading to other clues (ala National Treasure) Aquaman finds the trident and returns to battle King Orm a second time in a gladiator style fight. Completely uninspired writing for the plot.

For whatever reason, the movie studios are continually trying to play the superhero movies as comedies. I personally blame the success of the Deadpool movies for this. Deadpool, whether intended or not, became of parody of the anti-hero in #comics. While the parody may work for Deadpool in the transition to movies, it has not worked well for any of the other characters. This is not an issue solely on the DC-side of the movies, as Marvel Studios has done much the same with Thor and the Hulk in Thor: Ragnarok. So, in Aquaman, we get multiple one-liners and site gags that just miss the mark. For example:

* Aquaman’s mother Atlanna (Nicole Kidman) awakens and eats Aquaman’s father Tom Curry’s (Temuera Morrison) pet fish.
* Sharks with “frikkin” lasers
* A drum playing octopus
* Since when does Atlantis have a bridge?
* Literal toilet humor for an Atlantean needing water while on land
* Aquaman in the desert
* Aquaman offering to urinate on something that needs water to activate

I could continue with additional examples of bad jokes and puns, but quite frankly, that would require watching this train wreck of a movie again, and I would rather spend my money someplace else. Suffice it to say, I groaned at this movie more than I laughed.

This movie will still probably lead the box office on opening weekend. I will be curious to see if any bad buzz from the Amazon/Atom preview weekend hurts its box office. I have seen a few reviews from some talking about how much they liked it or thought it was funny. In my opinion, anyone who actually likes #comics and/or Aquaman, should find this movie to be an embarrassment.

So, to summarize, this movie is REALLY BAD. We are talking Suicide Squad level bad. The #campuscomicscast crew had originally planned to record an impromptu podcast immediately after watching the movie. This movie was so bad, none of us really wanted to even talk about it. On the comic grading scale, it would at best be a 2.0 (Good), and that might be generous. So, when Aquaman opens on the weekend of December 21, 2018 and you are itching to go see a superhero movie, do yourself a favor and go see Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse. If you have already seen Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse and still want to watch a superhero movie in theatres this weekend, do yourself a favor and go see Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse again. Just wait for Aquaman to come our on Blu-Ray, go on sale, and then pick it up. I have seen some rankings of the DC movie universe putting this movie at number 2 on the list, and I cannot disagree more. With the possible exception of Suicide Squad, this is the worst DC Universe movie yet.

December 2019 Previews Catalog Recommendations

Here are my #comics recommendations for the December 2019 issue of Previews Catalog. For certain, if you have not already started working with a local #comics shop to pre-order books, and you want to still have a local #comics shop in a few years, you should start a pull-list immediately. ‘Nuff Said.’ If you are interested, the Campus Comics Cast will be discussing the Previews catalog on our podcast in the next few days. Consider adding us to your favorite podcast app. We have been going for over a year now and put out at least 2 podcasts each month.

I would also love to hear from you suggestions for additional books each month I should be considering. Leave those suggestions in the comments.


1 – New imprints again from DC this month, DC Zoom and DC Ink. DC Zoom is for readers aged 8 to 12 and DC Ink is for readers 13 and up. Kicking of the new imprints are 2 new books, Mera: Tidebreaker (Page 2, DC Ink), and Super Sons (Page 3, DC Zoom). Both appear to be self-contained stories. I do question the price point on these books if they are trying to entice new readers.

5 – Flash and Batman have a 4-issue cross-over that ties in to the Heroes in Crisis Event. I have not read pas the first issue of Heroes in Crisis, but if you are buying it weekly, you might want to pick these up, along with the Flash annual solicited last month.

6 – Female Furies issue 1 of a 6-part mini-series. Big Barda fans will want to pick this up.

7 – Heroes in Crisis 6. We have an issue here with Arsenal on the cover. I vaguely remember him being one of the “confirmed” in issue 1, so what is up with that?

9 – Wonder Twins 1, The 3rd book from Bendis’ Wonder Comics line. And it appears Gleek will be involved as well.

24 – Deathstroke 40. It looks like Deathstroke may be making his break from Arkham, with the help of his son Jericho.

25 – Detective 998 and 999. Next month, issue 1000!

42 – Naomi issue 2. This is the 2nd issue of the new book. I really think they should have put all the Wonder Comics together in the catalog. It would be easy for someone who wants to pick them all up to miss one.

53 – Teen Titans 27. It looks like we are getting the Original Sin story in Teen Titans.

64 – Batman Volume 9. Batman and the Penguin as Tom King continues his almost flawless run on the Dark Knight.

65 – Batman vs Deathstroke. Who is Damian’s real father?

68 – Detective Comics gets the Deluxe Edition treatment. At least with this Detective book, we will not be as confused about what the final product will be. I do love this quote from the description, “original layouts for the Batman tale from Detective Comics #200, as illustrated by Lew Sayre Schwartz and signed Bob Kane.”

77 – Deluxe Action Figure Bases for those who like to open their toys. 😊

86 – A new Batman cowl. I don’t understand what they mean by approximately 2 units per carton?


2 – Not that Marvels was not an outstanding story, but for the Marvel catalog to lead with it this month seems odd. Seems like something that was not a reprint would be a stronger lead.

4 – Marvel brings back Savage Sword of Conan. It really feels like it should be a magazine. There are several variants for the cover. The George Perez variant is surprisingly uninspired. I do like the look of the Kevin Eastman variant.

12 – Avengers: No Road Home. A new weekly 10 issue series. Is anyone buying the weekly series?

18 – A new Daredevil 1 with no information. Written by Chip Zdarsky. I assume we will get the story after the 5-part Man Without Fear and we can also assume Daredevil returns to Hell’s Kitchen.

22 – Dazzler 1 facsimile edition. WHY?

24 to 26 – More books one-shots from Marvel to maintain some trademark or copyright.

27 – Wolverine: Infinity Watch 1. Wolverine, the Infinity Gems, and the Infinity Gauntlet. Hmm….

28 – Because we need another Old Man story, Old Man Quill, and why is he wearing the Punisher’s costume?

41 to 43 – Some reprint books worth reprinting. Ms. Marvel 1, Marvel Super-Heroes 12 (1st Captain Mar-Vell), Uncanny X-Men 164(1st Binary), Ms. Marvel 20 *1st blue costume), and Avengers Annual 10 (1st Rogue, and Michael Golden art)

44 to 45 – Teasers for the next Marvel Event, War of the Realms is coming. Vampires return to the Marvel Universe. On page 45, is that man-Thing in Body armor?

65 – Shuri 5. The two baddest gauntlet-wielders in the Marvel Universe? Aren’t they forgetting someone?

104 – The first trade of the return of the Fantastic Four will be available.


26 – Get your own copy of Previews so you can play along at home.

28 – The ads for Free Comic Book Day 2019 have already started. Saturday May 4, 2019. Let’s see, FCBD, Infinity War 2, and May the 4th Star Wars Day all at the same time.

43 – Dead Rabbit TPB volume 1. Nope. Issues 3 and 4 were cancelled over a trademark dispute and Image recalled issues 1 and 2. If you have any, sell them now before the excitement ends. The same probably holds true for the merchandise on page 79.

82 – Hellboy reaches its 25th anniversary. Check with your local #comicsshop and see if they will be participating in Hellboy Day on March 23, 2019.

93 – William Gibson’s Alien 3 issue 4. I thought this was supposed to be a 3-issue series, but here is issue 4.

198 – Firefly 4. For all the Serenity fans out there.

223 – the Kamandi Omnibus. I think I totally missed this back in September when it was solicited. This is one of the Kirby DC projects I have not read much of.

224 – Strangers in Paradise XXV 10. I just got around to reading the 2017 Strangers in paradise FCBD story. Sorry, my to read pile has gotten a little deep. I previously had zero interest in reading the original Strangers in paradise although I love Rachel Rising, Motor Girl, and enjoyed Echo by Terry Moore. However, I may be hooked. I think I am going to give SIP a shot.

224 – Motor Girl Omnibus is resolicited in both softcover and hardcover.

224 – Rachel Rising Omnibus resolicited as a softcover.

244 – I totally missed out on Wrong Earth and so did a lot of other people. Here is the last issue of the series. Hopefully the trade will be out soon.

286 – Dynamic Forces has the Batman Who Laughs 1 Midtown Exclusive Variant by Bill Sienkiewicz available for pre-order.

341 to 342 – Stone Arch Books has some illustrated books about some of the DC Super Villains including Bizarro, Catwoman, Lex Luthor, and Joker intended for younger readers.

343 – Some new printings from Taschen on some large #comics history books including the marvel Age of Comics: 1961 -1978, the Golden Age of DC Comics, the Silver Age of DC Comics, and the Bronze Age of DC Comics.

346 – Doctor Who: The 13th Doctor issue 5 starts a new story arc. So far, the TV series has been fine. I am hopeful they will get back to telling solid stories, and not feel the need to constantly make social commentary.

361 – Valiant joins the $1 reprint books with Eternal Warrior.

409 – So the apparel for the catalog this month is here but should be on Side Two. If you decide to put all the print items on one side, you should at least make for sure whomever does the proofs understands that.

412 – One of the downsides of the 13th Doctor being female, is that many of the shirts are Ladies fit. We get a nice 13th Doctor with the Tardis and the stripes of the current Doctor for guys.


144 – The Sonic Screwdriver for the 13th Doctor makes its debut in Previews

149 – The General Mills Vac-tastic Plastic Masks for Count Chocula, Frankenberry, and Boo-Berry. These are some of my fondest childhood memories.

153 – I don’t remember ever seeing bags and boards solicited in Previews. Maybe I just missed it.

153 – And for the hardcore #comics archiver, plastic bags to go around your backing boards to prevent your backing board from touching the comic. Now, what protects the bag from the comic?


Blank covers for this month include:

Flash 64
Doctor Who: 13th Doctor 5
Incursion 1
Forgotten Queen 1
Zombie Tramp 57
Robyn Hood Outlaw 1
Zodiac 1
Zorro: Swords of Hell 1

Steven Grant Interview – Campus Comics Cast Episode 012

On April 22, 2018, I had the opportunity to interview #comics writer Steven Grant. Mr. Grant has extensive writing credits at Marvel, DC, and many independent publishers. He is best known (at least to me) as the writer on the first Punisher limited series with art by Mike Zeck. Mr. Grant also created the character Whisper and had one of Marvel’s top-selling #comics in the 1980s, The Life of Pope John Paul II. You can see a list of most of Mr. Grant’s credits on his ComicBookDB page located at http://comicbookdb.com/creator.php?ID=1196.

You can listen to the interview in your favorite podcast app. Search for Campus Comics Cast and download episode 12. In this episode, Mr. Grant discusses his first encounters with #comics, his influences, and some of the projects he is most proud of. If you enjoy this episode, please consider subscribing to the Campus Comics Cast. Thanks.

Links to the Campus Comics Cast:

November 2018 Previews Catalog

Here are my comics recommendations and thoughts on the November 2018 Previews Catalog for items generally shipping in January of 2019. In my opinion, there are a lot of screwy things going on from the big two this month. If you would like to hear additional comments on this issue of Previews, search for Campus Comics Cast on your favorite podcast app. Our episode discussing this catalog should be up by November 9, 2018.

1 – Announcing the Wonder Comics imprint. This new imprint will be headed by Brian Michael Bendis and begin with four titles: Young Justice, Naomi, Wonder Twins, and Dial H for Hero. Bendis will be writing two of the titles himself and comments that the Wonder Comics will be “exceptionally well-crafted.” I feel like DC is turning over large portions of their intellectual property to Mr. Bendis. I hope he does not steer them wrong. Two of the titles, Young Justice and Naomi, both written by Bendis, solicit this month.
2- Young Justice 1. The first title to see print from the new Wonder Comics line. I feel like Peter David should be writing this.
3 – Naomi 1 – The first new title from the Wonder Comics line, also written by Bendis. For those who like to jump on first appearances, here is your chance.
4 – The Other History of the DC Universe 1 – DC is bringing in another non-comic writer for this DC Black Label title. This is a five issue series and based on the characters chosen, I suspect the focus is going to be on heroes dealing with racism and prejudice. When these topics have been the focus of books, the books tend to not be successful.
5 – Mysteries of Love in Space one-shot. Eight tales of romance in time for Valentine’s Day. And who doesn’t want a romance comic with Darkseid on the cover?
6 – Superman 100 Page Spectacular 1 written by Marv Wolfman. Wolfman describes this as the greatest Superman story he has ever written.
7 – Action Comics 1006 & 1007. Bendis starts his second story arc on Action Comics.
12 – Batman 62 & 63. Issue 62 has a Frank Miller variant cover.
25 – Deathstroke 39 – Christopher Priest continues the Arkham storyline for Slade.
26 – Detective Comics 995 to 997. After only one issue solicited last month, DC revs Detective with 3 issues for January.
27 – Doomsday Clock 9. Looks like Dr. Manhattan will be making an official appearance in this issue.
31 – Flash Annual 2. I guess Heroes in Crisis is getting some tie-in issues. I am not aware of any other tie-in issues for the series.
39 – Heroes in Crisis 4 & 5. Series is being extended to 9 issues. I was not particularly impressed with issue 1. I feel like this story will not change anything in the DC Universe, so I may just ignore it.
80 – DC: The New Frontier by Darwyn Cooke gets a new edition and the Black Label. Nothing about the size of the book.
83 – DC Universe: The Bronze Age Omnibus by Jack Kirby. A collection of the King’s late 70s/ early 80s work at DC.
87 – Shazam!: The Monster Society of Evil gets a new edition. Jeff Smith of Bone here creates one of my favorite Captain Marvel stories.
89 – Superman volume 1 hardcover. Bendis’ first story arc on Superman collected.
90 – Superman: The Golden Age Omnibus volume 6. Issue 121 is shown as the cover. Is that issue so hard to find they had to print a copy with something written on the cover? Have they not heard of Photoshop?

Marvel is focusing this month on their 80th anniversary based off the publication of Marvel Comics 1 by Timely. Feels like a bit of a cheat, but Marvel cheats on their issue numbers, so why not on where you start as well. Between this, the number of reprints they are charging a premium price for, titles they are just printing to maintain a trademark, and 3D comics, Marvel has me shaking my head.
1 – Conan 1 & 2. Conan returns to Marvel with new stories by Jason Aaron and covers by Esad Ribic. I am going to give it a shot, and I would suggest reviewing Conan on a future Campus Comics Cast.
8 – Conan reprints. Of course, issue 1 is reprinted for $1. Marvel, this is how you should handle your reprint stories. I am not super familiar with the other Conan stories, but they appear to mainly be reprints of the first issues of some popular storylines.
12 – Captain Marvel 1. New Captain Marvel book, in time for the movie.
15 – Black Widow 1. Black Widow returns from her death in Civil War II. I missed where she came back from the dead at.
16 – Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman 1 & 2. Do we really need another twice a month Spiderman comic?
18 – Invaders 1. Another one story arc title from Marvel.
24 – Marvel Tales 1. Great, a reprint comic of Fantastic Four titles. Because those were selling so well you kept the title going all this time. So, it reprints 3 stories for $8. Shouldn’t they be $1 each?
25 – Man Without Fear 1 to 5. Appears to be a weekly series about Hell’s Kitchen without Daredevil. Guess I need to get caught up on DD.
26 – Age of X-Man 1. The original X-Man series survived the Age of Apocalypse for quite some time after the story arc ended.
28 to 31 – Marvel releases 3 one-shot titles to apparently preserve trademark. Crypt of Shadows, Journey Into Unknown Worlds, and War is Hell.
32 – Two facsimile editions of Marvel Presents 3 and Silver Surfer 14. Reprinted with the original ads. Again, reprint book should be True Believers for $1. The ads are not worth the $3.
33 – Marvel Comics Presents 1 – This is the type of title EVERY publisher with multiple hero books should have. Short stories or multi-issue arcs to help keep up on the rest of the universe.
47 – Captain America 7. Ta-Nehisi Coates second story arc on Cap. Now with art by Adam Kubert. Will this title stay on schedule for this arc?
54 – Another Marvel Tales 1. This time reprinting Venom stories and costing $8.
62 – Doctor Strange hits issue 400 legacy. Mark Waid still on writing duties.
64 – The Daughters of the Dragon get their Marvel Premiere Graphic Novel. Still hoping for a Netflix series featuring these two.
76 – Uncanny X-men 3D 1. So, we not only get a reprint, but treated with 3D. The 60s, 70s, and 80s called they want their gimmick back. And for $8 you get it polybagged with 3D glasses.
88 to 89 – Star Wars Shadow Vader 1 & 2. I find it humorous they put issue 2 in the catalog BEFORE issue 1.
101 – Kirby is Fantastic! King-size hardcover. A pretty good selection of Kirby FF stories. It really should have included FF 48 to 50 as well, but we get the first Black Panther story, first Him/Adam Warlock story, and more.
108 – Captain Marvel: Monica Rambeau. Hoping to take advantage of confusion about character names, Marvel releases trade of Monica Rambeau stories.
114 – Black Panther volume 6. Ta-Nehisi Coates continues his excellent run on Black Panther.
115 – Captain America volume 1. The first arc of the Coates Cap story in trade. I wish they would have chosen a better cover; I despise this image. First, Cap would not be dragging the flag on the ground, and second, his shield is way too small.
121 – Cosmic Ghost Rider trade. Collects the Cosmic Ghost Rider 5 issue limited series by Donny Cates.
122 – Punisher volume 1. I keep buying Punisher.
126 – Daredevil volume 8. I guess this trade will explain the Man Without Fear series mentioned earlier in the catalog.
130 – Punisher War Journal trade. This reprints issues 1 to 12 of the Matt Fraction run on Punisher. Excellent Punisher stories.

26 – Get your copy of Previews so you can play along each month.
36 – Criminal 1 (Image). A new Ed Brubaker/Sean Phillips collaboration on Criminal
40 – Oliver 1 (Image). Take Oliver Twist and move him into a post-apocalyptic world.
57 – Criminal backlist (Image). If you want to catch up on your Criminal reading before the new series, here is your chance.
96 – Alien3 3 (Dark Horse). Final issue of the William Gibson script for a potential 3rd Alien movie.
178 – Peter Cannon Thunderbolt (Dynamite). Kieron Gillen helps to relaunch this character that has been around for many years.
184 – Turok 1 (Dynamite). A new publisher for the title with Ron Marz helming the writing. I think it is odd they mention Green Lantern and Silver Surfer as writing credits and not Witchblade.
208 – Buffy the Vampire Slayer 1 (Boom). The venerable Buffy series reboots.
210 – Firefly 3 (Boom). Third issue of the latest Firefly story.
306 – Star Trek (Golden Books). Two new Golden Books, one for Kirk and another for Spock.
355 – The Life of Frederick Douglass (Ten Speed Press). Not sure if you should get your history facts from Preview, but according to this, Frederick Douglass was the most photographed individual of the 19th century.
363 – Doctor Who The 13th Doctor 4 (Titan). Wraps up the first story arc for the first female Doctor.
366 – Marie Severin: The Mirthful Mistress of Comics (Twomorrows). If you would like to know more about the recently passed Marie Severin, here is your chance.

54 – Marvel Retro Figs with packaging like the 90s Toy Biz line for Black Panther, Ant-Man, Hawkeye, Vision, Wasp, and Scarlet Spider. Looking at you Joshua Hines. They are pricey at $20 a pop.
111 – Marvel Comics Toon Tumblers for Dr. Strange, Black Panther, and Venom vs. Carnage.
130 – Challenge of the Superfriends Card Game from Cryptozoic. Does not appear to be compatible with the other DC Deck Building games, which is unfortunate.
131 – The Expanse RPG hardcover from Green Ronin Publishing. I am not currently participating in any RPGs, but I will pick this up just because it is part of the Expanse universe. I do wonder if it will be based on the books or the TV Series.
133 – Escape Room in a Box Game. Get the feel of going to an Escape Room for only $30.


  • Blank covers for this month include:
  • Age of X-Man Alpha
  • Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man 1
  • Conan the Barbarian 1
  • Guardians of the Galaxy 1
  • Barbarella Dejah Thoris 1
  • Elvira Shape of Elvira 1
  • Casper the Friendly Ghost 1
  • Young Justice 1
  • Randomveus ODC 1
  • Casper’s Ghostland 1
  • Fartnite 1

As always, I would love to hear additional recommendations for books I should be reading each month in the comments. If you post a recommendation here before we record the next podcast, I would be glad to pass it along.

Daredevil Season 3 Review [SPOILERS]

This review is not intended to be an episode by episode review or to be in anyway comprehensive. Like my review of Iron Fist: Season 2 available at https://steemit.com/comics/@burgcomics/review-of-iron-fist-season-two-spoilers, this review reflects my thoughts as I was watching the episodes.

Reading List
For those looking to get some back story to season 3 before or after watching, I would suggest reading the following Daredevil story arc:
Daredevil #131 – Origin and first appearance of Bullseye
Daredevil #227 – #233 – Daredevil: Born Again story arc
Daredevil (1998) #1 – #8 – Kevin Smith written relaunch of the Daredevil title.
Daredevil #196 – #200 – Daredevil/Bullseye story that may explain to watchers the last scene of the series

Daredevil has been the highlight of Netflix’s series of Marvel stories. It, along with the Punisher, are the top Netflix series. So, needless to say, I had high hopes going into this season. Fortunately, I was not disappointed.

I watched the recap for some insight on what to expect in season 3 of Daredevil. What I gathered from the recap was:
Wilson Fisk will return as the main villain for season 3.
We will, unfortunately, get no additional Punisher story in this season.
There will be some resolution to the Karen Page/Wesley “event” from season 1.
Elektra will not be part of season 3. (and I did not miss her)

Episode 1 – Resurrection
Early in episode 1, we meet Sister Maggie (Joanne Whalley). I, as most Daredevil readers immediately wondered if this would end up being Matt Murdock’s Mother. Daredevil (Charlie Cox), is without his powers. The only question is, how long will it take for him to get them back. No one wants to watch a full season of Daredevil without his abilities. Neti Pot to the rescue. One set of disgustingly clogged sinus clear later, and Daredevil is nearly back up to full capabilities. As Daredevil goes back to the streets, back in his original black costume from season 1, we get a terrific image of Daredevil on the roof of the church crouched alongside the cross. A real thrill for fans of the #comics.

Marvel’s Daredevil

So, Daredevil hits the streets, and is able to break up a kidnapping (that will affect the story in a few episodes). However, after winning the fight, he gives up and waits for the kidnappers to beat him to death? Really. Why bother going back out and testing your skills, if you don’t intend to use them long term. We meet FBI Agent Nadem (Jay Ali). We learn that Agent Nadeem has some financial problems, which will obviously come back up (But not in the way I expected.) Episode 1 ends with Wilson Fisk (Vincent D’Onofrio) offering to make a deal for Vanessa’s (Ayelet Zurer) safe passage and freedom from charges.

Episode 2 – Please
Not a lot to say about the 2nd episode. We get a few additional pieces of Karen Page’s (Debra Ann Woll) history concerning her brother. Daredevil is able to track down the kidnappers through the scent of their special all-organic dry-cleaning process. Glad to know that Hell’s Kitchen’s criminal element is concerned about the environment. Wilson Fisk’s caravan is ambushed in route to his new house arrest location. Fisk is saved by a particularly talented FBI agent Benjamin Poindexter (Wilson Bethel). Ricochet bullet shots and some particularly good brutality help to quickly define this character. An excellent first scene for Bullseye. We do learn ab it more about Sister Maggie’s background, and it is still possible for her to be Matt’s mother.

Episode 3 – No Good Deed
We get a nice throwback to the #comics as we see Wilson Fisk in the all-white suit. They should have put a pair of purple pants and an ascot in his closet, but that would probably been too over the top. We are further introduced to Bullseye. At this point, I am hoping we get to see him in costume. I also wish that these writers had been given first crack at Typhoid Mary instead of the writers for Iron Fist. There are several mentions of Ben Urich in the first few episodes. If I could change one thing about season 1 of Daredevil, Ben Urich would still be hanging around in season 3. We learn that Bullseye is a bit of a stalker. I liked that the writers did not try to overly “humanize” this character. Bullseye is a psycho-path and should be portrayed as one. His infatuation, Julie (Holly Cinnamon) will have a major impact on the story later. Matt finally reveals to Foggy Nelson (Elden Henson) that he is alive. Additionally, Fisk also learns that Daredevil is still hanging around as well.

Episode 4 – Blindside
Foggy’s love interest, Marci Stahl (Amy Rutberg) is still around. I was not a big fan of the character initially, but she has grown on me quite a bit. Matt, attempting to access the prison, uses the “I lost my ID” routine for the second time in the first 4 episodes. After some serious trouble in the prison, Matt manages to get out, and the cabbie he paid to stick around did, even though there was a prison riot going on. Each additional scene with Bullseye is showing him to be the psychopath we expect out of the character. Matt wakes up in the back of the cab, just in time to realize the driver has been replaced and for the cab to be driven into the river. Really, it would not have been easier to just shoot the apparently unconscious guy in the back seat?

Episode 5 – The Perfect Game
We get more and more odd behavior, psychosis, and creepiness out of Bullseye. I really liked in the flashback scenes that the team logo was Bullseye’s costume. I guess this is the episode where you could say Bullseye breaks, though you could argue he was broken the whole time. Karen’s murder (I still think self-defense) of Wesley begins to have an impact on season 3.

Episode 6 – The Devil You Know
Fisk is now back on top through his manipulation of the FBI. Bullseye has a near suicidal meltdown. I never really considered Bullseye to be suicidal, I would not think most psychopaths are, but Fisk is again able to use this to his advantage. We finally get the first fight between Daredevil and Bullseye at the Bulletin’s offices. I was not expecting the copied Daredevil suit. However, this fight between Daredevil and Bullseye was INCREDIBLE. I felt like we saw both characters at their best. I was completely blown away. The fight made Bullseye’s skill set very evident. Bullseye comes out on top, as he kills a key witness.

Episode 7 – Aftermath
Here we are in episode 7, and still no Vanessa. At this point I am starting to wonder if she will be appearing or not. I also was wondering if we will see Melvin Potter in the Gladiator costume. Matt and Melvin have a bit of a fight, and we do get see Melvin with the saw blades again, so that was a nice throwback to the #comics. We learn that Ellison (Geoffrey Cantor) was not killed in Bullseye’s attack on the Bulletin, for which I was glad. Karen, now hunted by Fisk contacts her father, wanting to come home. Her father seems to be a real piece of work.

Episode 8 – Upstairs/Downstairs
Really cold, Fisk killing Julie, Bullseye’s last hold on normalcy. I do love that they repeatedly show Bullseye using random objects as weapons. Though I would have like to see him use a playing card to slice someone’s throat. And, it is finally confirmed that Sister Maggie is in fact Matt’s mother.

Episode 9 – Revelations
Agent Nadeem decides to come clean with his involvement with Fisk. They meet at Agent Hattley’s (Kate Udall) home that is conveniently undergoing remodeling and has lots of plastic strewn about. Agent Hattley kills the other agent, and frames Nadeem. So, the financial problems that Nadeem was having were not so that Nadeem would turn, but to make him want the promotion all the more and to get him to play ball with Fisk when the time came. Periodically, we see Matt speaking to other’s like Fisk and his Father in his mind. I kept expecting that the camera might pan away and back to see Mephisto briefly as the cause of this, but it did not happen. That is probably for the best for the non-comic reading viewer.

Episode 10 – Karen
We finally get the full story on Karen Page. I would like to point out some thoughts on Karen Page by another user on steemit @arseniclullaby. You can read what he thinks of Karen on the Arsenic Lullaby web site at https://arseniclullabies.com/wordpress/?p=15986. We basically learn that Karen was a big party girl and how her brother died. At this point, I am thinking they might kill her off ala the Kevin Smith Daredevil storyline. But, as Bullseye attacks the church and flings a stick at Karen, Father Lantom (Peter McRobbie) steps in the way to save Karen. In hindsight, this was pretty obvious how this would turn out, to give the father the chance to redeem himself from hiding Sister Maggie’s secret from Matt. Father Lantom will probably be the character I will miss most moving forward with Daredevil. At this point, I assume Sister Maggie will take over this role, assuming she survives.

Episode 11 – Reunion
Still hoping to see Bullseye’s in costume, but I am also hoping they keep him alive for a future season. With everything going on, Fisk gets a quick release from his incarceration. Bullseye is able to tie Sister Maggie to Daredevil, and I start thinking she will not make it out of season 3.

Episode 12 – One Last Shot
finally, Vanessa and Fisk are reunited. I think Ayelet Zurer is terrific as Vanessa. Vincent D’Onofrio is also incredible as Wilson Fisk. However, I have some concerns about D’Onofrio’s health, or at least his physical mobility. His fight scenes often take on an odd style, which I attributed to the writers emphasizing his bulk as part of his prowess. However, watching the scenes where he is walking down stairs, it looks to me like he is struggling. For his reason, I feel like they are setting up Vanessa to take over Fisk’s empire in a future season. And based on her performance, I think that would be just fine. And in this episode, Bullseye “retrieves” the painting from the little old lady. A blood splatter on the frame indicates he did so with malice.

Episode 13 – A New Napkin
Matt uses Fisk’s murder of Julie to pit bullseye against Kingpin. But, when the moment comes, and Bullseye is ready to kill Fisk, Matt stops Bullseye. Kingpin is able to put an end to Bullseye, seemingly breaking his back in the process. I kept expecting Bullseye to get up and kill Vanessa, but it did not happen. Fisk turns himself in after Matt threatens to go after Vanessa if Fisk retaliates against Foggy or Karen. I was hoping we would get a scene with Matt and Bullseye in the hospital playing Russian roulette, but instead we get a scene of Bullseye on an operating table getting possibly adamantium implants in his spine ala Daredevil issues 196 to 200.

I really enjoyed Daredevil Season 3. I give it a Very Fine/Near Mint (9.0) grade. Not that anyone is asking, but here are my rankings of the various Marvel seasons on Netflix:

  1. Daredevil season 2
  2. Punisher season 1
  3. Daredevil season 3
  4. Daredevil season 1
  5. Cage season 2
  6. Jessica Jones season 1 (only because of David Tennant)
  7. Cage season 1
  8. Jessica Jones season 2
  9. Defenders season 1
  10. Iron Fist season 2
  11. Iron Fist season 1

If you would like to hear more of my thoughts on Daredevil season 3, add Campus Comics Cast #campuscomicscast to your favorite podcast app. We will discussing this season in an upcoming episode.

Burg Comics Con 2018

Saturday August 18th, 2018
10:00 AM until 5:00 PM
Bonan Business Center
540 N Commercial St
Harrisburg, IL 62946
The 9th annual Burg Comics Con will take place on Saturday August 18, 2018 from 10 AM to 5 PM at the Bonan Business Center in Harrisburg, IL. Please start passing the word along to your friends and encourage them to become a fan of our page on Facebook to keep up with the latest news. Admission to the convention is FREE, but we are requesting a charitable donation to the Saline County 4Cs. If you would like to further support Burg Comics and/or get early admission into the convention, consider purchasing a VIP Package.

Featured Guests

Burg Comics Con 2018 VIP Package

Are you interested in getting into Burg Comics Con 2018 an hour early to get first shot at the free comics, vendors, and on our featured artist’s sketch lists? You should purchase a VIP package. For $20, you will get:

  • 9:00 AM entry into Burg Comics Con 2018
  • One comic with work by artist Don Kramer to get signed
  • One comic with work by artist Joe Dodd
  • One comic with work by artist Justin Holman
  • Burg Comics Con 2018 Print by David Clark
  • The first 10 VIP packages will include a book courtesy of Cathy Jackson
  • Coupon to vendor Castle Perilous for a free die, Magic: The Gathering Deck, and comic.
  • Coupon from artist David Clark for 2 prints for the price of 1
  • DC Nation #0 provided by Campus Comics
  • Venom promo poster provided by Campus Comics
  • Burg Comics Con 2017 Print by Wil Woods
  • Burg Comics Con 2016 Print Joe Dodd and Justin Holman
  • Print by Harrisburg artist Jim Gillespie
  • Coupon to vendor Burg Comics table (50 comics for $35 or 100 comics for $50)
  • A copy of X-Men #25
  • Three DC Comics with lenticular covers
  • A copy of Infamous Iron Man #1
  • Preview comics of Shadowman #1 and Star Wars Adventures

I hope to add additional items to the VIP package before the convention as well. If you are interested, message Burg Comics on Facebook or email admin@burgcomics.com, first come, first serve.