First Negative Feedback :(

I received my first negative feedback on eBay on 12/18/2011.  The comment from the buyer was:


This auction was for a set of three different limited series from DC Comics:

  • World of Smallville
  • World of Krypton
  • World of Metropolis

The comics sold for $12.99 on 12/14/2011.  I shipped the comics out USPS priority mail the same day that I received payment.  Each of the comics was bagged and board.  I also placed the comics inside of a magazine size bag.  I then placed cardboard on the front and back of the stack and taped to make the bundle solid for shipping.

I contacted the buyer with an eBay message on 12/18/2011 and asked for additional details about what happened to the books.  So far (9:30 PM CST 12/20/2011) I have not received a response.  I hope to resolve this issue to the buyer’s satisfaction.

I plan to update this post when the problem is resolved. 

If anyone reading this happens to be a regular shipper of comics on eBay, I would love to hear any advice you might have for me.

12/20/2011 Update

Follow up message sent to buyer asking them to contact me to resolve their issue.


Buyer damaged one of the comics while opening the bundle.  I did not really feel like this was my fault, but I did a partial refund to compensate for the damaged book and the buyer revised his feedback to positive.  So, everything worked out in the long run.

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