Burg Comics Con 2016 Gaming Events

Android: Netrunner LCG
Prizes include alternate art cards from the Summer 2016 Tournament Kit. $5 entry fee. NAPD Most Wanted List version 1.1 will be enforced. Please bring your printed decklists. In addition to the cards from the tournament kit, the winner will receive a $25 convention gift certificate and the runner-up a $10 convention gift certificate.
10:00 AM – Registration Begins
11:00 AM – First round begins

Magic: The Gathering Schedule
12:00 PM – Legacy Constructed Tournament. This tournament is free to play in. The winner of the Magic Tournament will receive a $25 convention gift certificate. The runner-up will receive a $10 convention gift certificate. Please visit the Wizards of the Coast website to determine which cards are legal to play for the Legacy Constructed Tournament.

Dungeons and Dragons
02:30 PM – Infinity Comics Games & Toys will be sponsoring a 5th Edition D & D dungeon crawl with pre-generated characters beginning at 2:30 PM. And, Infinity Comics will have a post-convention all-night gaming session back in Eldorado at the store later that evening.

Other Games
Open tables for other games will be available. Additional events may still be added.

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