Burg Comics Con 2016 Cosplay


The costume contest is returning to Burg Comics Con 2016. Categories for the costume contest will be Children (Ages 0 to 13) and Adult.
Costume Contest Rules:

  1. Any prop, item or activity that presents the possibility of damage to the entrants, their costumes, the audience, or the facility is prohibited.
  2. Good taste must be used in the creation and presentation of costumes. Gore, violence, nudity, profanity and other objectionable elements are prohibited. Burg Comics Con is a family oriented event so please use common sense in the selection of your costume.
  3. Failure to abide by any of the costume contest rules may result in disqualification from the contest and possible removal from the convention site.
  4. Most genres of costumes are welcome for the contest. However, to be eligible for prizes, your costume should be at least 25% hand-made and fit the super-hero/super-villain genre.
  5. If you have any questions about costume contest rules, please contact Burg Comics at admin@burgcomics.com.

The winner of the Adult category will receive a $75 gift certificate to spend at the convention. The winner of the Children category will receive a $25 gift certificate to spend at the convention. And, in honor of our special guest Rick Burchett who inked her first appearance, there will be a bonus $25 convention gift certificate for the top classic Harley Quinn costume. We will also have a special backdrop at the con for cosplay photos!

Cosplay Event Schedule
01:00 PM – Join Caleb Pennock for a cosplay Q & A at 1:00 at Burg Comics Con 2016. Caleb will answer questions about cutting, sanding, shaping, wood burning, and quick plasti dip spray. Caleb will also have on hand some of the tools he uses along with some sample creations.
02:00 PM – Children Costume Contest Check-in
02:00 PM – Children Costume Contest Parade
02:30 PM – Children Costume Contest Winners announced
03:00 PM – Adult Costume Contest Check-in
03:30 PM – Adult Costume Contest Winners announced

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