Burg Comics Con – August 28, 2010

The first Burg Comics Con will take place on Saturday August 28th, 2010.  The con will be held in the Conference Center at Southeastern Illinois College from 10 AM until 4 PM.  Items for sale at the con will include:

  • Over 6000 comic books from Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse and other independents priced at 50 cents each. 
  • Super-Hero and Star Trek action figures sealed in their original packaging at $5 each.
  • 100s of HeroClix figures priced from 50 cents to $3
  • Superman collectibles
  • Recent comic story arc runs
  • Art prints and commission work.
  • Other items to be added

Dealers and artist confirmed for the show include:

  • Burg Comics (Dealer – Comics and HeroClix) Blog and forum available at Burg Comics
  • Kevin Stewart Collectibles (Dealer – Comics and other collectibles)
  • WhenZday Comics (Dealer – Comics) Whenzday RUN carries DC, MARVEL, IMAGE, DARK HORSE, DYNAMITE, VERTIGO, WILDSTORM, IDW, AVATAR modern-age comic books and more. Specializing in "STORY ARC" runs, as well as, single issues and lots. ALL COMICS ARE INDIVIDUALLY BAGGED and BOARDED.  Visit  https://stores.ebay.com/Whenz-day-RUN-comics for additional details.
  • Wil-Woods (Artist) Commission art and prints available for purchase.  Visit https://wil-woods.deviantart.com/ for additional details.
  • Fancy Pants T’s (Dealer – Specialty items)  Fancy Pants T’s specializes in custom made, hand printed apparel. We offer t-shirts for fans of all kinds as well as stickers and vintage poster prints.  Visit https://fancypantsts.deviantart.com/ for additional details.
  • Charles Lampert Collectibles (Dealer – Toys) action figures such as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, a few Star Trek, Star Wars, Hulk, Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman and others mainly DC, Marvel figures and accessories. Some are new in pack, some are loose, old and new figures.
  • Penn Penn Collectibles (Dealer – Comics and collectibles) comics, Shonen Jumps, magazines, Yugioh cards, hero clix, and more.

At noon during the con there will be a HeroClix tournament.  Tournament Details:

  • 300 points
  • Golden Age
  • 50 minute rounds
  • 1st prize = Thor’s Might Chariot
  • No entry fee

Extra tables will be setup for use to trade comics and play games.

If you have comics to sell, feel free to bring them to the con.  I will be buying limited quantities of comics and HeroClix figures to resell.  Hope to see you there.

Check back often for additional details.

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