November 2018 Previews Catalog

Here are my comics recommendations and thoughts on the November 2018 Previews Catalog for items generally shipping in January of 2019. In my opinion, there are a lot of screwy things going on from the big two this month. If you would like to hear additional comments on this issue of Previews, search for Campus Comics Cast on your favorite podcast app. Our episode discussing this catalog should be up by November 9, 2018.

1 – Announcing the Wonder Comics imprint. This new imprint will be headed by Brian Michael Bendis and begin with four titles: Young Justice, Naomi, Wonder Twins, and Dial H for Hero. Bendis will be writing two of the titles himself and comments that the Wonder Comics will be “exceptionally well-crafted.” I feel like DC is turning over large portions of their intellectual property to Mr. Bendis. I hope he does not steer them wrong. Two of the titles, Young Justice and Naomi, both written by Bendis, solicit this month.
2- Young Justice 1. The first title to see print from the new Wonder Comics line. I feel like Peter David should be writing this.
3 – Naomi 1 – The first new title from the Wonder Comics line, also written by Bendis. For those who like to jump on first appearances, here is your chance.
4 – The Other History of the DC Universe 1 – DC is bringing in another non-comic writer for this DC Black Label title. This is a five issue series and based on the characters chosen, I suspect the focus is going to be on heroes dealing with racism and prejudice. When these topics have been the focus of books, the books tend to not be successful.
5 – Mysteries of Love in Space one-shot. Eight tales of romance in time for Valentine’s Day. And who doesn’t want a romance comic with Darkseid on the cover?
6 – Superman 100 Page Spectacular 1 written by Marv Wolfman. Wolfman describes this as the greatest Superman story he has ever written.
7 – Action Comics 1006 & 1007. Bendis starts his second story arc on Action Comics.
12 – Batman 62 & 63. Issue 62 has a Frank Miller variant cover.
25 – Deathstroke 39 – Christopher Priest continues the Arkham storyline for Slade.
26 – Detective Comics 995 to 997. After only one issue solicited last month, DC revs Detective with 3 issues for January.
27 – Doomsday Clock 9. Looks like Dr. Manhattan will be making an official appearance in this issue.
31 – Flash Annual 2. I guess Heroes in Crisis is getting some tie-in issues. I am not aware of any other tie-in issues for the series.
39 – Heroes in Crisis 4 & 5. Series is being extended to 9 issues. I was not particularly impressed with issue 1. I feel like this story will not change anything in the DC Universe, so I may just ignore it.
80 – DC: The New Frontier by Darwyn Cooke gets a new edition and the Black Label. Nothing about the size of the book.
83 – DC Universe: The Bronze Age Omnibus by Jack Kirby. A collection of the King’s late 70s/ early 80s work at DC.
87 – Shazam!: The Monster Society of Evil gets a new edition. Jeff Smith of Bone here creates one of my favorite Captain Marvel stories.
89 – Superman volume 1 hardcover. Bendis’ first story arc on Superman collected.
90 – Superman: The Golden Age Omnibus volume 6. Issue 121 is shown as the cover. Is that issue so hard to find they had to print a copy with something written on the cover? Have they not heard of Photoshop?

Marvel is focusing this month on their 80th anniversary based off the publication of Marvel Comics 1 by Timely. Feels like a bit of a cheat, but Marvel cheats on their issue numbers, so why not on where you start as well. Between this, the number of reprints they are charging a premium price for, titles they are just printing to maintain a trademark, and 3D comics, Marvel has me shaking my head.
1 – Conan 1 & 2. Conan returns to Marvel with new stories by Jason Aaron and covers by Esad Ribic. I am going to give it a shot, and I would suggest reviewing Conan on a future Campus Comics Cast.
8 – Conan reprints. Of course, issue 1 is reprinted for $1. Marvel, this is how you should handle your reprint stories. I am not super familiar with the other Conan stories, but they appear to mainly be reprints of the first issues of some popular storylines.
12 – Captain Marvel 1. New Captain Marvel book, in time for the movie.
15 – Black Widow 1. Black Widow returns from her death in Civil War II. I missed where she came back from the dead at.
16 – Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman 1 & 2. Do we really need another twice a month Spiderman comic?
18 – Invaders 1. Another one story arc title from Marvel.
24 – Marvel Tales 1. Great, a reprint comic of Fantastic Four titles. Because those were selling so well you kept the title going all this time. So, it reprints 3 stories for $8. Shouldn’t they be $1 each?
25 – Man Without Fear 1 to 5. Appears to be a weekly series about Hell’s Kitchen without Daredevil. Guess I need to get caught up on DD.
26 – Age of X-Man 1. The original X-Man series survived the Age of Apocalypse for quite some time after the story arc ended.
28 to 31 – Marvel releases 3 one-shot titles to apparently preserve trademark. Crypt of Shadows, Journey Into Unknown Worlds, and War is Hell.
32 – Two facsimile editions of Marvel Presents 3 and Silver Surfer 14. Reprinted with the original ads. Again, reprint book should be True Believers for $1. The ads are not worth the $3.
33 – Marvel Comics Presents 1 – This is the type of title EVERY publisher with multiple hero books should have. Short stories or multi-issue arcs to help keep up on the rest of the universe.
47 – Captain America 7. Ta-Nehisi Coates second story arc on Cap. Now with art by Adam Kubert. Will this title stay on schedule for this arc?
54 – Another Marvel Tales 1. This time reprinting Venom stories and costing $8.
62 – Doctor Strange hits issue 400 legacy. Mark Waid still on writing duties.
64 – The Daughters of the Dragon get their Marvel Premiere Graphic Novel. Still hoping for a Netflix series featuring these two.
76 – Uncanny X-men 3D 1. So, we not only get a reprint, but treated with 3D. The 60s, 70s, and 80s called they want their gimmick back. And for $8 you get it polybagged with 3D glasses.
88 to 89 – Star Wars Shadow Vader 1 & 2. I find it humorous they put issue 2 in the catalog BEFORE issue 1.
101 – Kirby is Fantastic! King-size hardcover. A pretty good selection of Kirby FF stories. It really should have included FF 48 to 50 as well, but we get the first Black Panther story, first Him/Adam Warlock story, and more.
108 – Captain Marvel: Monica Rambeau. Hoping to take advantage of confusion about character names, Marvel releases trade of Monica Rambeau stories.
114 – Black Panther volume 6. Ta-Nehisi Coates continues his excellent run on Black Panther.
115 – Captain America volume 1. The first arc of the Coates Cap story in trade. I wish they would have chosen a better cover; I despise this image. First, Cap would not be dragging the flag on the ground, and second, his shield is way too small.
121 – Cosmic Ghost Rider trade. Collects the Cosmic Ghost Rider 5 issue limited series by Donny Cates.
122 – Punisher volume 1. I keep buying Punisher.
126 – Daredevil volume 8. I guess this trade will explain the Man Without Fear series mentioned earlier in the catalog.
130 – Punisher War Journal trade. This reprints issues 1 to 12 of the Matt Fraction run on Punisher. Excellent Punisher stories.

26 – Get your copy of Previews so you can play along each month.
36 – Criminal 1 (Image). A new Ed Brubaker/Sean Phillips collaboration on Criminal
40 – Oliver 1 (Image). Take Oliver Twist and move him into a post-apocalyptic world.
57 – Criminal backlist (Image). If you want to catch up on your Criminal reading before the new series, here is your chance.
96 – Alien3 3 (Dark Horse). Final issue of the William Gibson script for a potential 3rd Alien movie.
178 – Peter Cannon Thunderbolt (Dynamite). Kieron Gillen helps to relaunch this character that has been around for many years.
184 – Turok 1 (Dynamite). A new publisher for the title with Ron Marz helming the writing. I think it is odd they mention Green Lantern and Silver Surfer as writing credits and not Witchblade.
208 – Buffy the Vampire Slayer 1 (Boom). The venerable Buffy series reboots.
210 – Firefly 3 (Boom). Third issue of the latest Firefly story.
306 – Star Trek (Golden Books). Two new Golden Books, one for Kirk and another for Spock.
355 – The Life of Frederick Douglass (Ten Speed Press). Not sure if you should get your history facts from Preview, but according to this, Frederick Douglass was the most photographed individual of the 19th century.
363 – Doctor Who The 13th Doctor 4 (Titan). Wraps up the first story arc for the first female Doctor.
366 – Marie Severin: The Mirthful Mistress of Comics (Twomorrows). If you would like to know more about the recently passed Marie Severin, here is your chance.

54 – Marvel Retro Figs with packaging like the 90s Toy Biz line for Black Panther, Ant-Man, Hawkeye, Vision, Wasp, and Scarlet Spider. Looking at you Joshua Hines. They are pricey at $20 a pop.
111 – Marvel Comics Toon Tumblers for Dr. Strange, Black Panther, and Venom vs. Carnage.
130 – Challenge of the Superfriends Card Game from Cryptozoic. Does not appear to be compatible with the other DC Deck Building games, which is unfortunate.
131 – The Expanse RPG hardcover from Green Ronin Publishing. I am not currently participating in any RPGs, but I will pick this up just because it is part of the Expanse universe. I do wonder if it will be based on the books or the TV Series.
133 – Escape Room in a Box Game. Get the feel of going to an Escape Room for only $30.


  • Blank covers for this month include:
  • Age of X-Man Alpha
  • Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man 1
  • Conan the Barbarian 1
  • Guardians of the Galaxy 1
  • Barbarella Dejah Thoris 1
  • Elvira Shape of Elvira 1
  • Casper the Friendly Ghost 1
  • Young Justice 1
  • Randomveus ODC 1
  • Casper’s Ghostland 1
  • Fartnite 1

As always, I would love to hear additional recommendations for books I should be reading each month in the comments. If you post a recommendation here before we record the next podcast, I would be glad to pass it along.

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