Burg Comics Con 2018 VIP Package

Are you interested in getting into Burg Comics Con 2018 an hour early to get first shot at the free comics, vendors, and on our featured artist’s sketch lists? You should purchase a VIP package. For $20, you will get:

  • 9:00 AM entry into Burg Comics Con 2018
  • One comic with work by artist Don Kramer to get signed
  • One comic with work by artist Joe Dodd
  • One comic with work by artist Justin Holman
  • Burg Comics Con 2018 Print by David Clark
  • The first 10 VIP packages will include a book courtesy of Cathy Jackson
  • Coupon to vendor Castle Perilous for a free die, Magic: The Gathering Deck, and comic.
  • Coupon from artist David Clark for 2 prints for the price of 1
  • DC Nation #0 provided by Campus Comics
  • Venom promo poster provided by Campus Comics
  • Burg Comics Con 2017 Print by Wil Woods
  • Burg Comics Con 2016 Print Joe Dodd and Justin Holman
  • Print by Harrisburg artist Jim Gillespie
  • Coupon to vendor Burg Comics table (50 comics for $35 or 100 comics for $50)
  • A copy of X-Men #25
  • Three DC Comics with lenticular covers
  • A copy of Infamous Iron Man #1
  • Preview comics of Shadowman #1 and Star Wars Adventures

I hope to add additional items to the VIP package before the convention as well. If you are interested, message Burg Comics on Facebook or email admin@burgcomics.com, first come, first serve.

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