Burg Comics Con 2017 VIP Packages

Are you interested in getting into Burg Comics Con 2017 an hour early to get first shot at the free comics, vendors, and on our featured artist’s sketch lists? You should purchase a VIP package. For $25, you will get:

  • 9:00 AM entry into Burg Comics Con 2017
  • Burg Comics Con 2017 Print
  • One comic with work by artist Jim Hall
  • One comic with work by artist Todd Fox
  • One comic with work by artist Joe Dodd
  • One comic with work by artist Justin Holman
  • A copy of X-Men #25
  • A copy of Aristocratic Xtraterrestrial Time-Traveling Thieves #1
  • Burg Comics Con 2016 Print
  • Print by Harrisburg artist Jim Gillespie
  • Coupon to vendor Kevin Stewart’s tables
  • Coupon to vendor Burg Comics table
  • Coupon to vendor Amai Dragon
  • Cards Against Humanity Carbondale Eclipse promotional card donated by Castle Perilous
  • An animal six-sided die donated by Castle Perilous
  • Castle Perilous bumper sticker
  • The first 10 VIP packages will include a book courtesy of Cathy Jackson

This will be limited to 20 VIP bundles. If you are interested, message Burg Comics on Facebook or email admin@burgcomics.com, first come, first serve.

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